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We’ve Moved to


By Kyle

Yes, the rumors are true.  We have closed on this site and are officially moving our digital digs to (check out the new design). The new site is also now accessible by clicking on the RaceTalk link in the upper right corner of the Racepoint Group Website. 

We got too big and popular and decided we needed our own domain.  Plus now we can actually take control of all the reigns and take the blog in the direction we want to go.  Expect more of the same including more exclusive RaceTalk Q&A’s.  We’re also looking forward to launching some new RaceTalk created video content that we hope to start populating the blog with in the upcoming months.  

So change your bookmarks to and we’ll see you there.


Our new sister blog: World 2.0 Blog, is up and running at  Check it out and bookmark it as well.  The World 2.0 Blog will pick up on some of the stories we’ve been covering on globalization, sustainability and corporate social responsibility by taking a deep-dive on those issues.


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Can the Internet Really Go Down — Everywhere?

By George

Apparently yes.

The vulnerability is scary. According to, an anchor from a ship may have severed an undersea cable in the Mediterranean Sea and taken out Internet service in large regions of the Middle East and Asia (including China and India).

With so much information and critical services now Web-based – the cost of this outage will be in the billions. The United States has been spared from the outage (although the Web was in slow motion most of the morning).

But U.S. business have off-shored so much technical and customer support overseas that companies like IBM and Intel are still assessing the damage to their operations. It probably won’t be pretty.

Stay tuned to this story because it has greater ramifications than just the business losses and downtime. Government and business these days can barely function without the Internet (I think of our own operations at Racepoint Group – with a lot of our tools and many of our databases Web-based).

If an anchor can wipe out the Internet on two continents – the discussion falling out of this disaster will be centered on what will need to be done to fully protect and deliver the Web – while having reliable back up solutions in place.


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After 5 miles, take a left.

The partnership I have been waiting for has arrived: TomTom has teamed up with Google maps.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that Google’s been dominating headlines with its recent AIM and Apple iPhone partnerships. For me, this most recent partnership means I can get the best of both worlds.


Having been born with zero directional sense, I am subject to getting lost within a two-mile radius of my house. So, to cut down on the “I-don’t-know-where-I-am” disgruntled phone calls from the car to my boyfriend, he kindly decided to buy me a TomTom.

I’ll admit I’m not usually an early-adopter of technology, but after a few days I was hooked. While the technology isn’t always perfect (sometimes you’ll be more successful just looking at an old-fashioned map), it usually gets me there and I can leave my phone turned off.

A huge fan of Google Maps (if you’re a runner, check out this link). and now a faithful TomTom user, I couldn’t be happier that they’re joining forces to make sure I get there without the many detours my trips entail.

Now, it’ll be just as easy to connect to and send info directly from Google Maps to my TomTom device. And instead of making regular pit stops to ask for directions, I’ll arrive at my destination–on time.

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