RaceTalk discusses marketing and PR issues relevant to technology, health and science marketers and the media. We all work at Racepoint Group, a global PR agency with special expertise in digital media relations, as well as a wicked awesome softball team (as we say in Boston).

Ben – a diehard Boston sports fan who enjoys sports and traveling (his most recent adventures were to Australia and Hawaii), mint chocolate chip ice cream, and going to the movies. Ben’s a dedicated member of the Racepoint softball team and has decided to start running marathons after competing in cross-country and track at Wheaton College. His must-see TV list includes The Office, Criminal Minds and CSI (the original, not the NY or Miami spin-offs). Ben’s dream is to own the Red Sox.

George – George is a vice president at Racepoint – Waltham. He’s a former journalist – but don’t hold that against him. He enjoys reading really old books that no one reads anymore, running just far enough not to get injured, and watching his beloved New England Patriots keep winning Super Bowls.

Jordan – aka J-Rod around the office and on the softball field – has a passion for a good celebrity gossip blog, traveling as much as possible (next stop, Israel), event planning, and skiing (despite a crippling fear of chairlifts). When not scouring the New York Times or seeking out other bloggers, Jordan can be found engrossed in the latest issue of In Style at the beach.

Kyle – an ombudsman at heart, Kyle considers the likes of David Kirkpatrick and “Fake Steve Jobs” as friends. He is convinced that Canadian geese are slowly taking over the world and believes the Canadian government may be using them as spies. While off the 9-5 grind, Kyle enjoys being non-productive by listening to the “Sports Guy’s” podcasts, watching his beloved Red Sox and strategizing the stock move that will allow him to move to Mykonos. When he makes it off the couch, Kyle enjoys playing Futbol – “The Beautiful Game,” kite surfing, and using his mobile Facebook account.

Philip – I am a Chartered Engineer, co-founding Director of Racepoint Group UK, and an elected Main Board Member of Intellect (the trade body for hte UK-based IT, telecoms and electronics industry).

RJ – an amateur mechanic with a penchant for good liquor and geese. He’s based in Racepoint’s San Francisco office and in his spare time mostly just surfs and reads beat poetry – mostly to geese, as no one else will listen. In a previous life, RJ worked on a fishing boat in Alaska. His favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and his favorite meal is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Sydne (no “y” at the end, please) – a Torontonian at heart who has a passion for cooking, soccer and tea. A world traveler, Syd is known as “The Little General,” has played the violin since the age of three and competed in Vienna at sixteen. Among her many misheard song lyrics, she until last night believed that the Bon Jovi classic, “Shot through the Heart,” went like this: “Shock in the heart and you’re too late, honey, you give love a bad name.” Um, yeah. When she’s not mishearing song lyrics, she can be found in bookstores reading tabloids, not buying them. She’s a class act.


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  • 1. Jerry Anderson  |  May 3, 2009 at 12:47 pm

    Hello Ben and the rest of the team,

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    Hope you find it helpful!



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