Convergence and the Art of Communication

September 27, 2007 at 3:46 pm Leave a comment


The third screen is just the beginning – the beginning of something totally, completely new and old at the same time. Check out Perez Hilton before you left the house today? Paid your bills while you were waiting for the bus? Messaged a friend to meet you for lunch, did your grocery shopping online once you got to the office, caught up with your mom, watched the latest episode of TorchWood? All of these activities could be a part of your daily life – and all of them could be done across a variety of devices. We are truly living in a world of converged technology where we’re connected to the content we consume, create and transact across a variety of networks.  We do the same things that people always did – socialize, conduct business, shop – but we now have the freedom to do them wherever we like when we like and on any device we like.

How will all this freedom change the media? We’ll continue to see more content creators emerge and they’ll produce greater quantities of material; the Mobile Web will boost the expansion of the greater Social Web – social search, the blogosphere, and social networking; and people will get what people crave – more access to each other on more devices. Additionally, the balance between paid and unpaid perspectives will continue to shift – as soon as one ecosystem is consumed by commercialism another will emerge to take its place – i.e. the blogosphere emerging out of Web 1.0. Lastly, and most importantly, more and more power will continue to shift to the consumer. Because of this, brands will search for new ways to reach consumers – not just across new devices, but through building communities, providing value through outreach – in both cultural (games, information) and monetary (coupons, loyalty programs, etc.) terms. Old-line media will also look for new ways to reach audiences – through V-blogs, Twitter feeds, Mobile Video, and many more yet-to-be-imagined ways. It’s truly a time of change, and to be part of this change is – as they say in Boston – Wicked Pissah.


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